A New Season Is Here!!

I’m so excited for the new season of farmers markets and sun!!  This year I am going to be easy to find…River District Farmers Market…at the bottom of Kerr and Marine. This market is held every Saturday 10-3.  I will be there on select dates and be available for custom orders anytime.  I have cutback my market days to spend more time creating and more time with my beautiful kids.  They are only young once! I think the extra time will help give more time for working on my blogging and photography skills too. Check the calendar page for market info and see you soon!


On the Eve of a New Year

Can you believe 2013 is upon us? I can’t. 2012 brought so many new things to me personally, and professionally. I am not one for resolutions, but a dear friend Ingrid taught me the importance of goal setting and intention. Every year, her and her partner each write down all the things they would like to accomplish, no matter how outlandish they may seem. They compare and compile their lists, talk about them, and put those lists somewhere safe. Each year they review the previous years lists to see what they have done. More often than not, those items have come to fruition, and sometimes in the most surprising ways. I am going to do this for 2013. For the first time in my life, I am feeling like anything is possible, although I have no idea how! I have not had the easiest year, and the ‘rough’ patch isn’t due to clear up for a while longer. But there has been rougher ‘patches’, tougher years, and I am positive that new things are on the horizons!

I want to thank each and every person that has supported ShowandTell Upcycle in 2012.  I am excited to continue to connect with people. People who value the art of upcycling, local made,  and beautiful homes and gifts.  ShowandTell Upcyle has its own ‘list’ for the new year I assure you, and one of those items on its list is growing this blog to make it a hub of connecting, learning and sharing!

Here’s to 2013!!!  May each of you find what makes you happy, healthy, and prosperous.


Fall is here…

Fall has brought us a new market…new products…and some very crisp mornings!
Aprons have found their way into ShowandTell Upcycles’ stock…and they are ADORABLE.  Come out on Saturday to the all new River District Farmers Market, found at the base of Kerr Street beside Romers.  Check out the Promo Video (yours truly starring in it TWICE)!!



August, summer and NEW products!!

The summer is just speeding along and I hope everyone is getting to enjoy the great weather we’ve been having. That thunderstorm last week was AMAZING!

This weekend and next, you will find me at Burnaby city hall market on Saturday and Ambleside market on Sunday…with NEW PRODUCTS! I hope you like them….I’ve done up ANOTHER new batch of market bags…they keep flying out the ‘tent’, and….wait for it….ADORABLE crystal and china cat or dog food sets. I haven’t even had a chance to photograph these gems yet so please if you get a chance…and you love to pamper your pet…come see me and drool over these new must-haves.

See you in the sun!!!


Mid July?

Summer is teasing us isn’t it?!

This past weekend was a mini vacation for me, as I went and explored Harrison Hot Springs.  Summer managed to pull through for me and give us all a beautiful Saturday and a little sun!  The Dragon Boating Teams were fantastic to watch, and I loved checking out all the ‘nooks and crannies’ of the town.

I always find that trips big (or small) lead to great thinking, inspiration, and renewed energy.  Look for a new batch of great market bags in vibrant colors at my next market date!!


SO excited!  Haney Farmers Market for TWO days!!  Can they handle me??

I have a history in Maple Ridge that goes back a ways.

Our family moved to Websters Corners when I was 6 or 7.  The house is still there, but not in its glory, sad to say.  It was an old farm-house, with the BEST barn you’ve ever seen!

My sister and I had so much fun in that old barn.  Birthday parties, church dances, Halloween parties, after school fun…we found the coolest treasures in that place.  It was a large barn, big enough for our fun AND for working.

We had some of the requisite farm animals of course…chickens and pigs.  I learned so much.  What happens to chickens when it’s butcher day (EEK)…piglets being sold and driven away in the back of a station wagon…getting in trouble for saying the ladybugs were ‘humping’…(that was a rough day) We also had dogs. LOTS and LOTS of dogs.

My parents had show dogs.  One Christmas, two of our dogs had puppies. By Christmas morning there were about 24 dogs inside our tiny farmhouse.  CHAOS

Life was not all fun on ‘the farm’.  Yes I learned how to ride my bike on the long drive and eat fresh apples off the trees that lined it. But it was also where my budgie, Pete, died (suicide actually…but that’s another story). Unfortunately, it was also where my little sister Tiffany, was hit by a truck.  She survived thankfully.  I still remember the newspaper headlines (she made front page).

Although there were some tough times had, the good outweighed the bad.  Memories like my dad winning (although maybe a tad unfairly) the Buckerfields draw for one of the first home computers, becoming a Brownie then Girl Guide, my awesome built-in bed, paper routes, the list goes on.

It was a small town, in all the ways a small town can be great.  I missed you Maple Ridge and I’m glad to be back! (Even if it’s just for a couple of days)


Welcome to Show and Tell!

Welcome to Show and Tell Upcycle.

There is so much beauty and life left in items forgotten in boxes and attics and sent to the landfill, their stories forgotten.  I take them and create new items for the home.

Most weekends you can find Show and Tell Upcycle at a local farmers market.

See the catalogue page for info and pictures.